Healthy Mind Healthy Body
We all know the difficulties involved with maintaining a healthy body weight and lifestyle.  Why do we crave foods that make us fat?  Why do the foods that are bad for us taste so good?  One of the main reasons for this is because of the complex marketing techniques used to sell this food.  Any good Marketer understands how the  mind works and uses the principals of Hypnosis to convince your unconscious mind that you want it.  Healthy Mind Healthy Body removes all previous conditioning from those companies and reinstates your body as the decision maker when it comes to what goes in it.  Most people who listen to this process find themselves making choices that are based on the needs of their own bodies not the food companies.  As a result, the weight melts away without any real struggle.


Be Smoke Free
Studies have now proven that in order for the body to be physically addicted to cigarettes, a person would have to smoke 80 per day.  This proves that smoking is a mental addiction not a physical one.  Through this process, common sense is used to remind your body that you were born smoke free and suggestions are embedded to allow the smoke to clear so you can see and feel who you truly are - a non smoker.


Deep Sleep Conditioning

We all know the importance of a good night sleep.  The benefits are endless and are tied to every aspect of life. But what happens if we just can't shut our minds off at night?  We live in a world where we are bombarded with information and sometimes it's difficult to quiet our thoughts.  Deep Sleep Conditioning trains your mind to slow down and ease into a deep, peaceful slumber.


Hypnosis for Kids

Most of our unhealthy belief systems are programmed within us when we are children.  Through the use of flashy marketing campaigns designed to target young minds, kids are manipulated from a very young age.  Because the young mind is so impressionable, Hypnosis is an excellent tool to arm your child with a mind body connection so that they can develop traits that contribute to their health and vitality.  Whether it's a picky eater or a child having trouble paying attention in class, we have the right program for your little one.  Note: for best results, the child should be 5yrs or older.


Release Depression/Anxiety
We live in a world full of pressure.  There are so many factors that contribute to depression these days.  Whether it's family issues, money, loneliness or just an unexplained sadness.  Unfortunately the only solution from the medical community seems to be to medicate.  While that's a valid option for many people, it's a treatment for the symptoms rather than the cause.  Many people have experienced incredible results with the use of Hypnosis to help ease the pressure of their lives.   By removing negative thought patterns and planting the seeds of peace and harmony, this practice has had tremendous success.


 "I just wanted to thank you so much for your exceptional services, kind nature and being such a wonderful person.I have, and still use your services because I needed help with my irregular sleeping patterns and the fact of being very busy in my industry makes relaxation difficult. 

Now I feel like a new person. What has changed since I started working with you?

  1. I now fall to sleep straight away when I listen to your CDs every night,

  2. I have more energy and focus

  3. My attitude is much more positive in dealing with stressful situations

As a result, I feel healthier now than I ever did and the bonus is that my waist-line is shrinking and my husband notices the huge difference in me. I can now wear clothes that I could not get into for years. I have also noticed that people now look at me very differently, which is all down to you.

Looking back, I can’t ever recall any other so called self help product or process that has ever had such a quick and positive change in my life.  I also want to add that on top of all the positive changes I have experienced, the best part was experiencing the services and dedication and friendliness that you provided to make this customer experience sensational. I would highly recommend you to my family and friends.   

 Please keep up the good work…



The current C-section rate in Canada is 28%.  This means that almost 1 in 3 women have to endure the horrors of emergency surgery when giving birth.  Birth trauma is attributed to many disorders later in life and can have severe consequences to both Mother and child.  The process of Hypnobirth gives a woman the opportunity to reclaim her birth experience by not being burdened by fear.  If a woman enters into labour with complete confidence in her ability to birth a child and an understanding that everything is going to be okay, the likelihood of complications reduce drastically.  It's time to stop thinking that labour is supposed to be like what we see on movies and television and start looking at it for what it is: the most natural process in the world.


Performance Improvement

Whether it's letting go of stage fright or improving your jump shot, your mind has the ability to work with any goals you set.  Hypnosis can be used to help you create the image of the athlete or performer you wish to be.  Many professional athletes such as Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan used hypnosis to give them a competitive edge. 

"I have a 10 year old son who plays competitive hockey.  I had the pleasure of using Lisa’s services for myself in the past and thought that she may be able to help my son gain a more competitive edge to his game.  After only 1 session, not only did he focus better, but he gained confidence in himself.  He is now playing THE BEST hockey I have ever seen.  He listens to his CD each night when he goes to bed and he finds that it helps him relax and get a good sleep.  THANK YOU LISA, it has been a truly wonderful experience."

Hypnosis for Students

The current climate for learning has changed at a much faster pace than our education system's ability to keep up.  Today's youth are more impatient and less focused than ever. The effects of peer pressure and social shaming are having catastrophic consequences in the classroom.  Directing the mind to take control of self talk and practice positive affirmations during crucial stages of development is key to a successful and prosperous future.  This program is designed for youth from 10yrs to 18yrs by training the voice in their minds to encourage, guide and support them to generate the right thoughts at the right time while empowering them to be programmed for success.

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